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I feel blessed to have been placed on the path of Marriage & Family Therapy and Holistic Health. Through my education and experience I have incorporated these traditional and alternative methods and theories to create a powerful, practical, and realistic therapeutic approach. An approach that is designed to support individuals to release thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a compassionate and assertive way. My idea is to truly design an "emotional workout" for each individual and develop a physical-emotional regimen that they can empower them to do on their own.


"You can't give what you haven't got."

To date, there are only a handful that have completed the Holistic Certification apprenticeship with Dr. Barry Green. With this certification comes the most assertive and compassionate approach I have ever known.

The fundamental goal in this work is to help you make the profound and permanent shifts needed to live a truly fulfilling life.

Our practitioners would not be qualified to do that if they had not made those shifts themselves. This work is extremely powerful and deep - as a result, there are only a few people currently certified to facilitate these processes. In addition to the thousands of hours of intensive training, each of the practitioners have gone through the 5 Stages of Healing process, allowing them to truly be present in all parts of life.

They all are deeply committed to what they do, and have a genuine love for helping people heal. They bring immense empathy and compassion to their work, as well as the faith and conviction that if you really commit, you can, and will, heal: no matter what your past or story is.

They are very professional, responsible, and respectful, and come to every session with the focus and clarity that is needed and deserved.

"The only way to fail is to quit."

5 STAGES OF HEALING by Dr. Barry Green

STAGE 1: Awareness
This is basically acknowledging your need for healing - moving away from denial/avoidance/escape/excuses, etc. - and towards taking accountability for your life and what is inside of you.

STAGE 2: Acceptance & Commitment
Whatever your issue is (physical/mental/emotional) - it is yours. You may want to deny it, repress it, blame someone or something else for it, be resentful about it, etc. - but it will still be with you, limiting your life. Or you can accept that it is yours to heal and make the commitment to do what it takes. If you are truly aware and truly committed, you can heal your life.

STAGE 3: Linking Cause & Effect
This is about finding the core or source of an issue so it can actually be healed. Most therapies focus on relieving symptoms while the deeper cause is unaddressed; that is why the long term success is low and the issues come back. Real, permanent healing - particularly of your core pattern - requires identifying where they originally came from and the beliefs, emotions, and energetics that are involved. This is like finding the root of a weed, so it does not keep growing back.

STAGE 4: Release & Replace
Once the root is identified, it still needs to be pulled out. The trauma and/or dysfunctional core learning is not stored in your conscious adult brain; it is stored in your subconscious or child brain. These two are completely different energetic and physiological systems. All the analysis and understanding (adult brain work) in the world inherently cannot uproot core trauma or patterns. It is necessary to use methods that take you deeply into the old brain and allow you to connect to the imprinting there, so it can be released. You are then able to replace the old beliefs/patterns with new, functional ones, at a deep enough level that they become truly congruent experiences.

STAGE 5: Re-education & Integration
This is an essential part of healing. After releasing and replacing old beliefs, we have the openness and opportunity for something new and fulfilling, but not necessarily the specific skills. It is rare that our dysfunctional core learning was accompanied by functional life skill development. Now, these need to be learned and practiced. These new skills are both inner and outer. Inner skills are things such as helping to focus and calm the mind, being clear on what is felt and what is needed, and how to diffuse intense, triggering situations. Outer skills would be things such as communication, managing resources, and relationship skills.




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